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541 South Spring Street, Los Angeles CA 90013

Nine Photographic Banners 9ft x 50 ft commissioned for the opening of

Austrian Chef Bernard Mairinger at BierBeisl Imbiss Resatuarant in the Arcade



DowntownLAArches6W copy DowntownLAEasternW copy DowntownLAFireLaddersW0005
DowntownLAArches6W copy.jpg DowntownLAEasternW copy.jpg DowntownLAFireLaddersW0005.jpg
DowntownLAMixedBagW copy DowntownLAOrpheumW copy DowntownLARialtoW copy
DowntownLAMixedBagW copy.jpg DowntownLAOrpheumW copy.jpg DowntownLARialtoW copy.jpg
DowntownLAWhiteAptsW copy DowntownLAdeco2W copy DowntownLAdecoW copy
DowntownLAWhiteAptsW copy.jpg DowntownLAdeco2W copy.jpg DowntownLAdecoW copy.jpg
DowntownLAsepia copy    
DowntownLAsepia copy.jpg