1975, B&W, 10 Minutes, Optical sound

This film is a continuous take outside a tigers cage in
Regents Park Zoo. During the first half of the film the
camera moves independently of the tiger between two fixed
points. These points were determined by the length of
the tigers walking path. For the secound half the camera
paces in synch with the tiger.

STILL LIFE: 1976, Color, 6 Minutes, Silent, 24 fps.

This film explores the transformation of an image from
color negative to color positive on one film stock. The
Still life was painted its color negative during the
filming and then the exposed film was processed and printed
on color negative printstock.

WALK: 1975, Color, 5 Minutes, Silent, projected slow (12fps)

This film relates the method of filming forwards and
backwards with the activity of taking a walk and retracing
ones steps. The film was shot by taking single frames
forward and then back single framing for the return journey.

CLOUDS: 1975, Color, 3 Minutes, Silent, 24fps.

This film contrasts the concepts of relative motion and
absolute motion. The speed and direction of the car and
clouds, the spiralling motion of the camera, and the
stationary factory chimneys all combine to produce the
illusion of space within the frame.

FIREWORKS: 1976, Color, 3 Minutes, Silent, 24fps

This film uses the image of fireworks (points of light)
superimposed in the camera and in the optical printer until
the surface of the film begins to bleach out.

ROUNDS: 1977, Color, 6 Minutes, Optical Sound

This film was made by superimposing in the camera six
takes of myself playing the flute in six different
positions around a circle. With each shot I randomly
began playing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat". The resulting
film shows a unique rendition of this classic round.

LONDON - CAPE WRATH - LONDON: 1977, Color, 10 Minutes,
Silent, 24fps

This film is a travelog which shows the relationship
between the car and the weather. The focal point is the
windscreen and the structuring elements, the rain and the
windscreen wipers.

THE RECEDING LANDSCAPE: 1977, Color, 10 Minutes, Optical sound

This film contrasts the mechanized activity of a plane ride
and its effect on one's awareness or even ability to see
the passing landscape, through the use of a passive picture
and an agressive sound track.

FOCUS I: 1977, Color 3 Minutes, Silent, 24fps

Time and movement have traditionally been used to establish
the illusion of space in film. In this film I have tried
to de-emphasize both these illusionary properties by
altering the space within the camera rather than the space
in front.

WAVES: 1978, B&W, 3 Minutes, Silent, 24fps

This film was hand wound though the camera backwards and
forwards as the waves on a beach built up and broke on
the shore.

COWS IN THE GATE: 1977, Color, 10 Minutes, Optical sound

The camera was triggered by a foot pedal in time to music I
was playing on the flute. The sound of the flute and camera attracks
inquisative cows.

FOCUS II: 1978, Color, 6 Minutes, Silent, 24fps

This film consists of five hours continuous observation
from a static viewpoint in the Lake District. A powerful
telephoto lens was used to focus on the changing landscape.
This film synthesizes the pattern of observation and that
of recording mechanically the changing landscape.

10 Minutes, Optical sound

45 fingers were needed to play the film soundtrack mimicing
the sun's movement over four months on piano keys.