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DULCE ROSA quotes for Photographic Projections



“an ever-changing and stunning slideshow of projected backdrops,designed by Jenny Okun.

LA Arts Beat 
“Dulce Rosa” – a new opera makes its World Premier 
at the Broad Stage, Los Angeles opera review
By Pauline Adamek
Monday, May 20th, 2013


“Jenny Okun’s projections are another star of this opera, and not merely for their beauty and evocativeness. They constantly, subtly, shift views. And pointedly as the rape ensues (handled operatically, of course), the projected images of saints look down, always silent and unmoving.”

Arts in LA: Dulce Rosa
LA Opera and The Broad Stage at Broad Stage
Reviewed by Dany Margolies
May 28th 2013


The set design is elegantly simple, comprised of an arch split down the middle and slightly offset, two hidden alcoves in the walls of the arch revealed by sliding doors, sweeping, curved stairs and a plain backdrop. The uniqueness of the design comes from the images projected onto the arches and the backdrop, as gorgeous, vibrant and sometimes abstract images of South American landscapes and architecture taken by photographer Jenny Okun subtly shift almost unnoticeably to denote locations and settings.

EDGE Los Angeles: Dulce Rosa by Brenna Smith
Wednesday May 22, 2013


“About those sets, they are actually 'projections' by famed architectural photographer Jenny Okun, who traveled throughout South and Central America to capture several hundred images which are projected in a stunning rhythm of visual energy behind the action on stage. (I predict that this use of background imagery will become a standard for all future theatrical productions... it saves money on standing sets and provides a visual experience which no set can match.)”

Huffington Post: Dulce Rosa Opera at Broad Is Magnificent!
By Jay Weston
May 20th 2013


“fantastic projections created by Jenny” 

Isabel Allende


“Ultimately, the production’s biggest attractions are Jenny Okun’s stunning video projections — lush, often wildly colorful, changing almost imperceptibly, extending the capabilities of fluid, cost-effective, virtual scenery”

Los Angeles Times / May 16, 2013)
Review: With 'Dulce Rosa,' L.A. Opera takes its show on the road
By Richard S. Ginell


“For visual spectacle it would be hard to top the sets for Dulce Rosa,”

“Jenny Okun, an artist-photographer who creates kaleidoscopic still images of architectural gem”

“Her images are manipulated and layered to create extraordinary illusions of perspective. It’s 3D without the glasses; the visual equivalent of magical realism.”

FORM Pioneering Design: Magical Realism at the Broad
Jenny Okun's photographs provide the backdrop for a 
production of Dulce Rosa By Michael Webb (May 20th 2013)


“Jenny Okun’s hypnotic photographs”

FORM Pioneering Design
Thursday, June 6, 2013 at 12:56PM
An Exclusive Chat with Photographer Jenny Okun
Journal Entry by Lisa Bingham on June 6, 2013


“Jenny Okun projections were innovative, spectacular and very effective in creating a variety of rich settings in a small space.” 

A blog from
LA Opera about town
May 17th, 2013


“The imaginary Latin American setting is enhanced by a dazzling visual scheme based on photographic projections (designed by Jenny Okun) that transform the limited stage space into digitally collaged vistas of palatial haciendas, stained glass churches and vine-covered jungle.”

The Hollywood Reporter
Dulce Rosa: Theater Review
3:51 PM PDT 5/21/2013 by Jim Farber


“the efforts of projection designer Jenny Okun ensure that there’s a cinematic glow to the narrative.”

Easy Week:
“Dulce Rosa” (May 20th 2013)
by Bondo Wyszpolski


“Jenny Okun, —ever-changing kaleidoscope of fragments of truth, always in juxtaposition but seamlessly transforming, is a marvel.”

“Okun’s unreal forms, as they undergo distortions of perspective and proportion, sometimes become grotesque or even erotic in combination and repetition. Enthrallingly suspended within a seemingly real setting, they dance like phantoms, the invisible metamorphosis of dazzlingly suggestive images haunting our perception and altering our sensibilities surreptitiously, thus ever so subversively.  In juxtaposition and multiplication, they often provoke by positing taboos — religious, social, familial. How many hundreds of photographs did Jenny Okun capture of homes and towns, churches and gardens as she traveled across South and Central America to create the setting of Dulce Rosa?” Dulce Rosa Glows in the Light of LA Opera 
at the Broad Stage By Diane Sippl (May 24th 2013)


 “Jenny Okun was responsible for the projections, which were clever and colorful”

The Malibu Times
Posted: Wednesday, May 22, 2013 6:45 am
Opera Review: 'Dolce Rosa' debuts with Domingo conducting
By Juliet Schoen


“The superb scenic projections, seemingly endless in their variety, were the work of projection designer Jenny Okun.”

David Gregson’s Opera West
LA Opera Off Grand stuns with super-retro ‘Dulce Rosa’ 
at the Broad Stage Posted on May 30, 2013


“The scenery was simple and effective with an archway of expressive photographic projections within it and on either side of it.”

Opera Theatre Ink

Lee Holdridge & Richard Sparks "Dulce Rosa" LA Opera off Grand the Broad Stage, Santa Monica, CA Seen May 17, 2013
By Carol Jean Delmar


“Plaudits must be given to the innovative stage projections by Okun. The simple set consists of a large broken arch with walls and smaller arched windows on either side. These blank spaces are filled with images, mostly photos that Okun has chosen to illustrate the places in the story, which include a hacienda, a church, sepia-toned street scenes and the jungle. This is a very effective way to keep the visuals interesting.”

Culture spot LA
Review: World Premiere ‘Dulce Rosa’ 
Produced by LA Opera and the Broad Stage
June 5, 2013 | By David Maurer 
Category: Classical Music and Opera